With Debt Recon, your interest in becoming debt free is our priority. Our legal partners and professional associates are committed to excellence, and have been successfully representing our clients since 2010 to get them out of the cycle of debt.

After 10 Years Of Experience, We Offer The Most Professional Advice.

Our Mission Is To Find and Implement Calculated Solutions to All Client Debt Related Challenges.

About Debt Recon

Debt Recon is trusted to provide the best debt advice in any situation that you may be faced with.  We are passionate about providing you with the right solution. We have assisted thousands of South Africans take control of their lives. Implementing our expert knowledge with integrity is the foundation of our business.

Debt Recon is a registered with the National Credit Regulator and provides solutions in accordance with the National Credit Act and Task Team Agreements. We are audited annually. 


Debt Review is one of the solutions we provide, and it  gives you one affordable payment until your debt is paid off, together with legal protection. Other solutions include, debt mediation, budget advise, and legal advise (sequestration) if required. Our trained experts are well equipped to deal with your situation and negotiations.

At Debt Recon we believe that knowledge is power and we do our utmost to ensure that you are well educated about our processes and options.

We have developed a successful working relationship with all leading banks and other lenders, which assists us to get you the best installment and interest rate to fit your current budget.

Our director is an attorney that specializes in debt solutions, and our in-house legal team ensures that all court matters are granted timeously.

Your application is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

We're mandated by government

to offer:

  • Reduced payments by up to 60%

  • Reduced interest rates by up to 0%

  • Legal protection against a bad credit record


  • 1 affordable monthly installment

  • Help improve your credit record with this monthly payment

  • Immediate protection from blacklisting, judgements and garnishee’s

  • Protection for your assets from repossession 

  • Peace of mind until your debt is paid off

Debt Review is the best solution 

here's why:

We give you an installment that suits your current situation

One affordable payment with legal protection for your home and car.

You will exit with a

clean credit record and a clearance certificate. 

No blacklisting. You can now apply for new finance.


Debt Review is a process of assisting consumers that are experiencing debt related problems through:-

  • Permanent low installments

  • Best interest rates

  • Legal protection

  • Monitoring their payments 

  • Providing after-care services



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