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Most money lessons are fun and easy, but a few conversations are more difficult, such as talking about debt. We may hope our children never find themselves in debt, but most will experience it in some manner, whether it’s a mortgage, student loan or via credit cards. So let’s help them understand how to approach debt, because after all, not all debt is created equal.

When you’re in the process of getting out of debt, I absolutely believe you should be upfront with your kids.I suggest focusing on the changes you’re making and how they can support you, rather than going into a detailed explanation of what debt is at this time.

“Mom and Dad bought more than we should have with our credit cards, which was our mistake. The good news is we’re fixing it, and we need your help.”

Subsequent conversations should focus on working together to find ways to save money and on starting good money habits by setting family goals. Demonstrate how to use your goals as a measuring stick when you find something you want, but don’t need and let them see you choose in favor of your goals without feeling deprived.

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