Dear Employer

At Debt Recon we have our clients financial wellness at heart.

Let us partner with you to educate your employees about debt and get rid of the disease that plagues your workforce.

Your employee would be relieved of the burden of debt IMMEDIATELY without further loans.

We are able to reduce ALL credit instalments such as, Home loans, Personal Loans, Store Accounts, Credit Cards, Car Repayments etc.

We consult with your team at your company convenience and present to them on The National Credit Act and Debt Review.

This is a FREE consultation.

We will follow up with a FREE DEBT ASSESSMENT of all your employees.

This is of course purely voluntary but extremely beneficial.

At the end of our meeting you can be GUARANTEED that your employees are in a healthy financial state of affairs.

Allow your employees to take control of their lives and move on stress free.

We look forward to meeting with you.