With Debt Recon...
  • Payments are reduced by up to 60%

  • Interest rates reduced by up to 0%

  • Legally protected against a bad credit record                        

  • You have 1 affordable monthly installment

  • You improve your credit record with this monthly payment

  • You are immediately protected from blacklisting, judgements and garnishee’s                    

  • Your assets are protected from repossession      

  • You have peace of mind until your debt is paid off


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Contact a consultant who will explain the process and the cost and send you the application form with a list of the documents we require for the process.

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We will notify all you credit providers, the NCR and the credit bureaus of your successful application.

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Issue a form 17.1 to inform the creditors that you are under debt review and request a certificate of balance for your accounts

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One all the relevant financial information has been provided we will issue your creditors a Form 17.2 to confirm the clients over-indebtedness and inform creditors and the credit bureaus via the NCR debt help Website

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Debt Recon will set each client up with a payment distribution agency (PDA) who will distribute the allocated payments to reach creditors accordingly

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Debt Recon will forward each credit provider with a detailed proposal outlining your agreed budget, the number of creditors included and the repayment plan for the each credit provider.

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The credit providers may accept or decline the proposal. Debt Recon will obtain a consent order if everyone accepts, which will then be forwarded to all the credit providers. If one or more of the credit providers does not accept the proposed repayment plan, Debt Recon will submit the application to the magistrates to finalise the arrangement and monthly payment. You are now protected from legal action throughout the payment term.

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You are required to make the agreed monthly payment each month

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Debt Recon will provide annual aftercare for each of our clients, to establish whether or not their circumstances have changed

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Once all your debts are paid, Debt Recon will issue you a clearance certificate (Form 19) which we will send to all you credit providers, the NCR and the credit bureaus. Within 5 business days you credit record will then be cleared

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One monthly repayment

Consolidate your debt without taking out another loan.

Benefits of Debt Review

Debt Review is a process of assisting consumers that are experiencing debt related problems through:-

  • Budget advice;
  • Restructuring their payments;
  • Negotiating with credit providers on their behalf, and
  • Monitoring their payments while
  • Providing after-care services


A few of our most frequently asked questions.

How long will it take to negotiate with all creditors and then when will I start to pay the first instalment after I applied?

You will start immediately if it’s not too late in the month. Otherwise you will start making one reduced repayment from your next salary date. This is one of the great benefits of debt review, bringing you immediate financial relief.

Will I be black-listed if I apply for Debt Review with a Debt Counsellor?

There is no black-listing but if the Debt Counsellor finds the consumer to be over-indebted, they add a flag to the consumer’s credit record asking creditors not to lend the consumer money because he or she is over indebted.



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